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Geometric Ceiling


Working with founders of Enterprise SaaS companies focused on scale-up and high-velocity growth.

Building custom playbooks and commercialization frameworks, recruiting top leadership talent, customer relationships and intros, fundraising from seed to $100M+ growth rounds.

Since 2015, helping 8 founders raise over $850M in venture financing, growing ARR 2X-5X YoY every year, and leading to 4 exits generating 15X-20X returns for founders and early investors.

850 Ventures is named after the year 850 AD - the year "The Book of Ingenious Devices" was published - describing over a hundred automata (automatic machines) and mechanical devices of ancient Persian, Iraqi, Chinese, Greek, Indian, and Roman inventions. It was the first book to share how processes could be automated, and explain the use of self-operating valves, timing devices, delay systems, and other automation concepts.

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